Family Law

Do you need the help of a family law attorney because of a divorce or child custody issue? Harbin Law Office is ready to help with all your family law matters. We can help you with all family law problems. Our job is to ensure the most favorable result for you and your loved ones.

Family law encompasses a number of things, from separation, family support (alimony), separation of marital property, child custody and visitation, child support, and divorce. All of these issues are serious and can affect families negatively if not handled properly.

Family law cases are some of the most emotional and difficult cases to handle. If you are involved in one of these cases, you need a lawyer to help you get through the process with as little pain and disruption as possible. For a family law attorneys who truly care, Harbin Law Firm is here for you.


A divorce lawyer’s job is to help you get the best outcome as your marriage ends. He or she will fight to you an appropriate resolution of all issues involved in divorce, including litigating the various grounds for divorce, use and possession of the martial home, distribution of marital property and custody of or visitation with any minor children.

Finding a divorce attorney can be deceptively difficult. While many lawyers practice in this area, you need a lawyer with integrity, sensitivity, discretion and professionalism because family law matters are personal, sensitive, and extraordinarily important. Find a lawyer, who is not only convenient, but who will be the right fit for your situation. Meet with us today.

Child Custody

One of the most significant and contentious aspects of family law is child custody. You need a family law attorney to guide you through the process of determining child custody, whether it is by agreement or a hearing in which the court will determine the appropriate arrangement.

If the parents wish to come to an agreement for custody and visitation, an attorney can help you avoid pitfalls with the agreement that might land you back in court. When your family is separating, it is hard for you to anticipate all potential future problems, so an attorney is an important part of this process.

If you and the co-parent cannot come to an agreement, you will need to have a hearing to determine what arrangement for custody or visitation is in the best interest of your child or children. While judges base their decisions on the best interest of the child, the things that they read or hear during your case can have a tremendous influence on their decisions. A lawyer can help you prepare for a hearing by gather evidence in your favor, and preparing both you and your witnesses to testify. The lawyer will conduct the hearing, and he or she is in the best position to know what evidence and testimony will be most convincing to the judge.


While it is becoming rarer for long periods of alimony to be awarded by Maryland Courts, it is not unheard of. Many people still have legitimate claims to at least some support from their spouse so that the dissolution of the marriage does not result in unfair disparate standards of living.

Other times, a claim of alimony can be used a leverage to influence the outcome of other issues in the case, such as marital property awards, use and possession of a marital home, child support or even custody or visitation with the children.

Whether you are facing a claim for alimony, or making the claim yourself, achieving a fair and appropriate outcome can be difficult. Consult with Harbin Law Office today to see where you stand on this important issue.